How it works

You need some inspiration? Some place to start with journaling your story?

Sign up for one (or both) of the One Year journaling series.

One email each week for a full year – all with a journaling idea.

All with an example of how one of the contributors interpreted the journaling prompt.


How do I make sure I’m on the email list?

You’ll be able to immediately download instructions for getting on the email list. You will simply need to follow the instructions, and add your email address when you’re ready to begin your subscription.

You will NOT be automatically added for 3 different reasons:

  • Many people do not use their PayPal email address for correspondence. This way you can choose which of your email accounts will get the subscription
  • You may want to purchase a subscription for a friend. A new mom, a new bride. This way they can begin their subscription when you give the gift (and not before and have the surprise be ruined).
  • Maybe you want to wait til your birthday or the start of the new month. This will enable you to start your subscription whenever you like.

Wait. I signed up. Now what?

If you have added yourself to the email list, you should receive your first email in the next day.

The first journaling prompt will arrive in a week. Each subsequent journaling prompt will arrive a week after that for 52 weeks total.

You may even see some *bonus* emails in between prompts with ideas for how to use the prompts.

How will I recognize the emails?

Each email series will have the subject line tagged with an easily identifiable short phrase at the beginning. They’ll be coming from Amy T Schubert and if you sort your email inbox by subject you can group all of them together.

What do I do with these journaling prompts?

Whatever you like.

Keep them privately in your diary just to hang on to. Blog them. Make art journaled pages and share them on Instagram.

Really. Whatever you like.

However you choose to record your story is perfect.